Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blue-Tailed Lizard

Blue-tailed lizards eat insects such as beetles, small grasshoppers, and ants. This lizard was about four inches long, but they can grow to about eight inches long. If a predator tries to eat this lizard and catches it by the tail, the lizard's tail will fall off. That is how they survive. Then they grow a new tail.


psbullock said...

This is a really neat picture, I hope you continue with your interests in these creatures.


Wendy B said...

Your pictures and information are great. I always liked to watch the cats and lizards play in front of our house. We were always finding several little blue tails on the porch.


Helen Niemi! said...

I LOVE REPTILES, TOO! I hope you marry a girl like me someday!!!!